Form F Assessment

Stage 1 & Stage 2 (Form F Assessment), What happens after the initial visit?

Once your application has been accepted, we will start either concurrent assessment or on some occasion we only start stage 1 checks on you and your household and then proceed to stage 2.

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The statutory checks include

  • Disclosure and Barring Service
  • Medical Health Assessment
  • Local Authority Check
  • Personal references
  • Employment references
  • Previous partner references (if applicable)
  • Landlord written consent (for families who live in private rented accommodation)
  • If you have done Childminding (a check with Ofsted will be made using the Ofsted Reference Letter)

You will also be invited to attend a 3-day training course to prepare you to foster ‘Skills to Foster Training’.  The course will allow you to meet other carers, share experiences and learn more about your role as a foster carer. We also offer enhanced training for carers wishing to look after enhanced or complex placements.

Upon receiving satisfactory checks, we will proceed to stage 2. Stage 2 of the assessment is a detailed and a formal assessment, which will be undertaken by your social worker – Assessor. This is called your Form F assessment. During this assessment your social worker will explore your previous experiences and significant life events. This can take up to 12 weeks, so please be mindful of this as we want to ensure that the Form F reflects you and your family as best, we can. Your Form F Assessment will include

  • Your relationship history
  • Chronology
  • Financial assessment
  • Health and Safety check
  • Significant events / achievements
  • Family references

You will then attend our fostering panel. This is nothing to worry about and you will have your assessing social worker with you for support. The panel will ask you questions, and they will make a recommendation that will be passed to the agency decision maker, who will consider the Form F, panel discussions, and make the final decision.

Once you are approved, you will be allocated a social worker and will begin your induction, you will also have a discussion with your local placement officer and be matched for placements.