Fostering for LGBTQ+ Community

Fostering for LGBTQ+ Community

Sunbeam Fostering Agency prides itself in having foster carers from a wide range of different backgrounds and sexual orientations. Our team works hard to create a truly inclusive environment where we embrace diversity. We believe that it’s your personal qualities and what you can offer that makes you a great foster parent and not your gender or sexual orientation.

Whether you’re male or female, straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, as long as you’re compassionate and can provide a stable and loving home for a child or young person, you have got what it takes to be a foster carer!

LGBTQ+ adoptive parents now represent the second largest group of all adopters in England. In 2022, one in six adoptions was to same-gender couples. We want to encourage more people to come forward and give children a loving home by fostering too. There’s never been a greater need for foster carers, and we encourage the LGBTQ+ community to come forward and consider fostering.

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At Sunbeam Fostering Agency, we have many carers from the LGBTQ+ community to help provide safe environments for our children and young people. We welcome people from all walks of life, different backgrounds with all sorts of life experiences.

We also provide free training, 24/7 support and regular support groups with our experienced foster carers. We have a number of existing LGBTQ+ foster carers who will provide guidance and share their experiences.

If you are a member of LGBTQ+ community and are wondering about fostering, please give us a call on 020 8799 0930.

Can I Foster Children?

We need foster carers from a wide range of backgrounds, races and religions. This is because all children have their own unique and individual backgrounds and heritage. For more information, please click on the below image:


What is Fostering?

Fostering is a way of providing a stable family life for children and young people, who are unable to live with their parents at a point in time. There are many children in need. For more information, please click on the image below:


Everybody is entitled to make a living from their work and providing foster care is no different, and the fostering allowance is there to provide you with just that. You can be paid up to from £700 per week per child, however, this depends on the children’s needs (e.g parent and child or children with complex needs).

Once thought of as a voluntary occupation, providing foster care is now considered to be a professional career and it is generally accepted that fostering is a full-time occupation. As with any recognised profession, foster carer’s allowance and fostering fee’s for approved foster carers with IFAs are now quite competitive.

The type and amount of fostering allowance that you receive will depend on the type of foster care that you provide as well as who you work for

More detail- Fostering Allowance

Guide To Foster
Guide to Foster

Why Join Sunbeam?

There are many reasons to join Sunbeam Fostering. Some are given below:

  • Providing full information about what is involved in fostering
  • Comprehensive and up to date training
  • Professional, experienced, qualified staff to undertake your assessment
  • Careful matching of placements with your family
  • 24-hour access to professional social work support
  • Regular visits by a qualified social worker
  • Regular support groups and social functions
  • Competitive rates of fostering allowances up to £650 per week
  • Management that values the work you do and cares about the welfare
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Every agency is different, so choosing the right one means making sure you can look after your choice of foster children, get the best foster carer’s support and the financial benefits that are right for you.

At Sunbeam, we are proud of our service. We have many offices and local support centres in different locations to make it easier for all our foster carers. We are working with more than 70 local authorities and have strong working relationship.

Are you passionate about making a difference for children and have time and energy to give to a child?

Start your fostering journey