Latest Young People Count Reports in December 2016

Latest Young People Count Reports in December 2016

The Partnership for Young London have released their latest Young People Count Reports in December 2016. The report contains many relevant and useful statistics and data impacting young people in London across many areas, Education, Mental Health, Employment included.

Section 6 specifically details statistics relevant to children in care, the number of which has continued to grow year on year since 2009. It is therefore imperative that local authorities and independent agencies continue to improve upon and diversify the availability of foster families to meet this demand.

The information details worrying data for those growing up in care at present, with only 1 in 10 care-leavers entering higher education (Partnership for London 2016) and 1 in 5 homeless people were in care themselves (Partnership for London 2016). At Sunbeam we have a focused and committed approach to education, and ensuring that young people are supported to achieve their potential. We also have a strong team of social workers and foster carers who have extensive experience of supporting young people to prepare for independent living we feel this work is vital to ensuring that young people can sustain their housing arrangements once they have left care.

Along with many other useful statistics and data, the report also highlights the continued need to develop and improve upon safeguarding for children and young people. The danger of being abused or taken advantage of online for young people remains extremely prevalent and the importance of educating, promoting awareness and understanding of the dangers is essential to ensure that children and young people are safeguarded.

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