Millions of Children in England living in potential danger

Millions of Children in England living in potential danger

According to The Independent, after various studies and research, figures suggest as many as 700,000 children are living in high-risk families and that countless more could have ‘fallen through the cracks’.

The commissioner has stated that children are living with parents or guardians who suffer from drink or drug abuse and that millions of children are vulnerable and falling victim of slavery. There are 46,000 children thought to be involved in gangs and 1,200 newly identified victims of modern child slavery per year in England. Although the report states high numbers of vulnerable children, the true numbers are likely to be much higher. Many children are ‘invisible’ to the local authorities and they are living in homes suffering from a variety of risks and vulnerabilities.

Children come into care for various reasons but many of those reasons are due to neglect or abuse. Although it may never be nice to remove a child from their family, their friends and somewhere they call home, but it is always in the best interest of the child. It important to keep the child safe from harm and protect them. Fostering is to give a child the best possible outcome in life and give them a childhood of happy memories and fulfilling opportunities.