Why Join Sunbeam Fostering Agency


Full information about what is involved in fostering
Comprehensive, up to date training
Professional, experienced, qualified staff to undertake your assessment
Careful matching of placements with your family
24 hour access to professional social work support
Regular visits by a qualified social worker
Support groups and social functions
Competitive rates of fostering allowances up to £650 per week
Adequate insurance covering wilful damage by foster children
Regular liaison with the local authority
Management that values the work you do and cares about welfare

Full Support Provided

All children and young people placed with Sunbeam foster carers should have their own social worker from the relevant Local Authority who will keep in touch with them throughout their placement, make statutory visits and make care planning decisions with and for them.

However, in addition to the child’s social worker, every Sunbeam fostering agency has his/her own supervising social worker to ensure that they are fully supported.

Your supervising social worker will:

Keep in frequent touch with you, your family and children/young people in placement through visits at least once a month and regular telephone calls.Arrange for any additional support services needed such as access to Support Services or respite care.

Support you in report writing and dealing with birth parents and local authorities.Identify training needs and help you to achieve your learning and development objectives including meeting the TSD (Training, Support & Development) standards.

Keep careful records of the progress of children placed with you.