At Sunbeam, we are proud of our standards and the support and training that we provide to our foster carers. We are driven by children’s needs, which means we take time with every child to tackle the problems he/she faces while encouraging positive behaviour as well as offering support with education, employability, and addiction and self-harm issues. We would welcome you take the opportunity to speak to one of our existing foster carers to hear this first hand. We have a good record in maintaining placements and this is due to our excellent matching process at the placement stage and also our prompt actions to address any concerns quickly.


Why foster carers choose Sunbeam?

Foster Carers choose Sunbeam because we provide:

  • Professional, experienced, qualified staff to undertake your assessment
  • High quality, professional extensive support
  • A supervising social worker who will be local to you and dedicated to supporting you
  • Full support on a 24 hour basis through our out of hours team
  • Comprehensive and progressive up to date training programme
  • The chance to be treated as a fostering professional
  • Insurance cover for wilful damage caused by foster children
  • The opportunity to become an Enhanced Foster Carer for children with challenging needs. This may be a child with disabilities, autism or learning difficulties. We are following ARC Model for this which is being rolled out across the group to develop and promote foster carers’ skills, understanding and ability to intervene therapeutically.
  • Careful matching of placements with your family
  • Regular support groups for foster carers and children
  • Competitive fostering allowances to cover children’s needs
  • Good placement levels due to our tenders with local authorities and several preferred provider relationships
  • Management that values the work you do and cares about welfare

Local Authorities choose Sunbeam because we provide:

  • Specialist placements for challenging children
  • A prompt, professional, committed service
  • Fast response to referrals with in depth and careful matching
  • A wide range of diverse placements to meet the individual needs of looked after children
  • Highly trained and well supported foster carers
  • Good geographical coverage
  • Competitive fee rates whilst not impacting on our quality of care or service
  • Excellent outcomes against key performance indicators

Training and support provided

To support our foster carers, we provide free on-going training throughout the year on regular basis. This includes onsite, online and one to one trainings. All of our trainings are held locally to make sure it’s convenient for our foster carers. We also arrange for regular local support groups where newly approved foster carers have the chance to meet up our experienced foster carers and share their experiences with them. During working hours, all our team members (from supervising social workers to senior management) are available to speak to, if required. During out of hours, our dedicated team will be on hand to support you, should there any situation arises.

Full Support Provided

All children and young people placed with Sunbeam foster carers should have their own social worker from the relevant Local Authority who will keep in touch with them throughout their placement, make statutory visits and make care planning decisions with and for them.

However, in addition to the child’s social worker, every Sunbeam fostering agency has his/her own supervising social worker to ensure that they are fully supported.

Your supervising social worker will:

  • Keep in frequent touch with you, your family and children/young people in placement through visits at least once a month and regular telephone calls.
  • Arrange for any additional support services needed such as access to Support Services or respite care.
  • Support you in report writing and dealing with birth parents and local authorities.
  • Identify training needs and help you to achieve your learning and development objectives including meeting the TSD (Training, Support & Development) standards.
  • Keep careful records of the progress of children placed with you.

Hear from our foster carers

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* During working hours we will contact you as soon as possible. On out of hours and weekends, it will be the next working day.

“The support from Sunbeam has been excellent always, forming a working relationship is important to me. It’s nice to know I can call them whenever I needed them and they listen or advise me accordingly”


“Fostering is a rewarding experience as it allows you to actually make a difference for a child/young person. I feel happy being able to make such a difference whether it is for one day or several years.”


“We have been fostering for the last 8 years and feel proud to be a part of the Sunbeam family. At the beginning, we thought it’s a tough job, but at the end, it gave us both a broad insight into both the tough and rewarding side of fostering”
Hannah-and-Kashif Foster Carers

Hannah and Kashif


Sunbeam offers up to £650 per child per week

Aside from fostering allowances, there is other help available to foster carers, for example, 24/7 local support and regular training programmes.