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Sunbeam Fostering Ofsted Inspection Report

We are regulated by Ofsted to ensure we adhere to the National Minimum Fostering Standards (2011) and other relevant legislation. Inspections are undertaken as determined by Ofsted depending on care standards, services and length of operation. Our most recent Ofsted inspection for our London & South registration was in March 2023 and prior to that we had inspections in November 2020 (assurance visit), July 2018, January 2015 and December 2011. We are proud of our high standards and continue to look to exceed these and improve further.

Sunbeam Pride Ofsted Inspection Report

Our most recent inspection was in February 2023 and prior to that February 2019, September 2015 and January 2012. The inspection report highlights Sunbeam Pride’s commitment and dedication to providing the ‘best’ foster care to all children and young people, and the ‘best’ support to all our foster carers. Below extract from the inspection report which we are particularly proud of:

  • “All children make good progress within this agency, in all areas of their lives. They benefit from committed and dedicated foster carers who are effectively trained, and supported to meet the individual needs of children”.
  • “The children are very positive about their placements and the support they receive from their foster carers and the agency. This is because they are placed with foster carers who have the skills and backgrounds to provide care that is unique to children’s needs”
  • “The agency delivers a consistently good quality of care to foster carers and children. Management and staff support carers and children in ways that exceed what they might expect. Foster carers spoke about the flexibility, motivation and wide ranging support they receive from the agency”.
  • “Foster carers have the skills and backgrounds to provide care that is unique to children’s needs. This is because the service provides successful matching of children to foster carers. The agency’s placement team has an in-depth knowledge of their foster carers, and strong working relationships with placing authorities”.
  • “The children, foster carers and staff benefit from excellent leadership, delivering an effective service which meets the needs of those children. A consistent strength of the agency is their ethos of placing children at the centre of their work, in the decisions made and in meeting the diverse needs of the children”.

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