The Support Expectations for Enhanced Foster Carer


Alongside the skills workshops our Enhanced carers will come together every four weeks for their Enhanced Support Group. Clinical consultations will be provided whereby Enhanced carers have the opportunity to discuss and gain support from our therapist and fellow Enhanced carers through their experiences of caring for traumatised children and young people.

Each of our Enhanced carers will receive a higher level of supervision in terms of frequency and an Enhanced carer can expect to meet with their social worker on either a weekly or fortnightly basis particularly for the first three months of a new placement.

We also have a twenty-four hour specialist help-line for those situations where a consultation with a social worker who is trained in the ARC model is required.

It is also imperative that enhanced foster carers receive a greater fostering allowance for the additional level of specialist care and attention provided and therefore our fostering fees are set out at a much higher rate than our mainstream placements.

In addition to a higher level of supervision we also provide an outreach worker to support the placement. The outreach worker is available to work one to one with the child or young person or to offer specific areas of development for the foster carer. This is a generic service so the outreach worker is very much available to support the placement in whatever way the foster carer believes they best require the support.

Significant management input is also provided with a dedicated manager overseeing the Enhanced Fostering Service.



Our Service enables Enhanced carers to have optional respite breaks that are devised with the childs and/or young person in mind. If for any reason respite breaks are not in the best interest of the child/young person then we will provide day respite to ensure our Enhanced carers have time for themselves.