Who can become an Enhanced Foster Carer?


Sunbeam Fostering Agency is one of the largest independent fostering agencies in the UK. We welcome foster carers from a diverse range of backgrounds and all ages. We importantly look for carers that are committed to working with vulnerable children. Fostering will provide you with an opportunity to change a child’s life for the positive future, which is a shared focus between Sunbeam and all our carers.

Easy to understand

ARC is easy to understand and we believe those individuals who have a keen interest in the psychology of parenting will do well to put themselves forward. We provide a high level of support and guidance to foster carers to ensure they have a greater belief in their ability to practice fostering within the ARC Enhanced parenting model.

Spare bedroom

Prospective foster carers must have a spare bedroom and for their home to lend itself to a calm Enhanced environment. Enhanced carers are to be either full time at home or have minimal competing demands.

Level of parenting

It is desirable for prospective foster carers to hold a level of parenting experience or have worked with children / young people or vulnerable adults. However we do have Enhanced carers who hold no prior experience and are doing exceptionally well within this new career.

Fostering household

It is also desirable that the fostering household has no younger children living in the household. It is also important that we seek applicants who are able to offer a long term commitment to children and young people.