Training & Development for an Enhanced Carer


We provide three days training on the ARC framework which covers child development, the role of attachment and identifying the impact of early trauma. You will also learn the required skills and practical methods to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people. We cover what is meant by trauma treatment and the key strategies and targets to parent therapeutically.

The training covers three domains known as ARC Attachment, Regulation and Competency and each of these domains hold their own set of building blocks. Overall the building blocks are worked on to maintain a focus with the aim to achieve a healthy emotional mindset for the child or young person. There are eight building blocks in total which break down the skills and knowledge that underpins the ARC trauma-informed Enhanced programme.

01. Day 1 training
Attachment and trauma theory
02. Day 2 training
ARC module 1-4 building blocks
03. Day 3 training
ARC module 5-8 building blocks

We also hold four weekly 90 minute skills workshops to discuss how the knowledge and skills gained from the ARC model are being applied to our fostering practice. Each session will focus on one building block at a time ensuring that we use real-life scenarios of how best to use the ARC Model and discuss the successes already being made.

Enhanced foster carers also have access to all of Sunbeam’s extensive training topics that are facilitated either by a trainer or online training provider such as :

Assessing and Managing Risk
The role of a Supervising Social Worker
Promoting Behaviour & De-escalation
My Teenage Brain / My Baby’s Brain
First Aid for children and young people