Muhammad Haneef


Muhammad has over 30 years of social work experience both within statutory setting and private sector as a social worker, senior social worker and senior manager. Muhammad is one of the founding directors and set up the Agency in March 2000. Muhammad oversees finance and manages our key relationships with our bank, suppliers and other external parties.

Naseem Ahmed

Naseem Ahmed


Naseem has over 30 years of social work experience both within the statutory and private sector as a practitioner in management, quality assurance and service development. Naseem provides valuable Input and advice on our operation and is one of the founding directors and set up the Agency in March 2000.

Karamjit Dhull

Karamjit Dhull


Karamjit has over 28 years of social work experience and acts as Responsible Individual for Sunbeam London and Midlands. Karamjit joined Sunbeam in 2001 and oversees our business performance and HR issue. Karamjit is also a member of board.


Shariq Ansari


Shariq joined Sunbeam in 2005 and since then he has been involved in many aspects of the business including Finance, IT, Marketing & Recruitment. Shariq has more than 16 years of experience in Accounts and Finance and currently oversees the finances of Sunbeam Group across all regions. Shariq also has extensive experience working around fostering finances.

Alison 1

Alison Lamb


Alison has been qualified as a social worker since 1993. She holds a Diploma in Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Studies. Alison also has a NVQ qualification in Management and an MSC in Advancing Practice in Family Violence Alison has many years of experience in the field or child protection and experience of running a fostering panel as the chair. She is highly motivated and committed to keeping our children and young people safe and ensuring they have the best possible outcomes so they can achieve and become successful adults. Alison is Agency Decision Maker.

Helen Daly

Helen Daly


Helen Daly first qualified as a social worker in 2000, she started her career with Southampton Child Protection Enquiry Team, and thereafter worked for Barnet referral and assessment team. Helen has had eight years’ experience in front line social work where she extensively developed her practice in child development  and is passionate about the rights of children and young people and is a strong force of ensuring this happens within the safeguarding children and young people prior to starting her career in fostering. Helen has since undertaken five years as a team manager for Sunbeam Fostering prior to setting up Sunbeam Pride Fostering Service as the Registered Manager. Helen is now the Head of Fostering working with all three regions Registered Manager and  is also taking a lead role in our Enhanced Fostering Service.  Helen has level 5 Management & Leadership Diploma, Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy Diploma and Systemic Practitioners Diploma.


Nicola Westley


Nicola joined Sunbeam family in 2004 and has gained extensive knowledge and experience within Sunbeam. Nicola is our Business Development Manager, her responsibilities include managing our placements, recruitment and administration teams. Nicola holds strong knowledge of our contractual arrangements and supports the agency to work collaboratively with our Local Authority partners through contract and relationship management.

Massoud Malang

Massoud Malang


Massoud joined Sunbeam family in 2015 after completing his Masters Degree in Information Technology. He joined as an IT Officer and is now the IT Manager for Sunbeam Fostering Group who oversees the IT department for all regions. Massoud is also involved in delivering training to foster carers on various Internet Security and Safety areas.

John 1

John Collins


John has over 25 years of experience in social care and over 15 years’ experience in working for Independent Fostering Agencies. John has worked as a supervising social worker through to Registered Manager and Responsible Individual. He particularly enjoys seeing the achievements and development of children and young person supported by the agency.


Jackie Pape


Jackie has extensive experience in fostering for over 20 years and she is a qualified social work practitioner. Jackie has excellent knowledge on safeguarding and child protection areas and also management of complex and challenging cases. Jackie has been working with the Sunbeam Team for 18 months prior to being Interim Registered Manager.

Emma Rawlinson

Emma Rawlinson


Emma first qualified as a social worker in 1999. She initially worked within a safeguarding service and was the deputy manager of a local authority parenting assessment unit for 7 years. Emma then worked in the Hertfordshire Fostering Service for 8 years, managing 2 different fostering teams before joining Sunbeam Pride in June 2019. Emma is passionate about ensuring that foster carers are supported as effectively as possible in order that they are able to provide children and young people with the care that they need in order to thrive and achieve.