Why foster carers choose Sunbeam


At Sunbeam, we are proud of our standards and the support and training that we provide to our foster carers. We are driven by children’s needs, which means we take time with every child to tackle the problems he/she faces while encouraging positive behaviour as well as offering support with education, employability, and addiction and self-harm issues. We would welcome you take the opportunity to speak to one of our existing foster carers to hear this first hand. We have a good record in maintaining placements and this is due to our excellent matching process at the placement stage and also our prompt actions to address any concerns quickly.

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Process for approved carer

If you are already registered as a foster carer with a Fostering Agency or Local Authority within the United Kingdom and are planning to move from your service provider to another, we would be happy to discuss arranging a transfer to Sunbeam Fostering Agency.

As with all jobs sometimes you just need a change or maybe you are looking for a new challenge, whatever your reason for looking at our web page, be assured that as a foster carer you have a right to change agencies.

Excellent care standard and support across the group. Our latest Ofsted report for London + South rated ‘Good’ and Sunbeam Pride is ‘Good’ with no recommendation and improvement. We offered 1,000s placements and over 1000 new placements made in the last 3 years. All our foster carers have 24-hour access to staff and support which is not just a promise but delivered 365 days per year.

We offer a career path into social work and further national qualifications of fostering. Currently we offer over 100 different trainings to our foster carers. Extensive information will be provided on fostering to help your approval process. Our strong focus on quality and better outcomes for children. Full support will be provided to you including a comprehensive induction to fostering once approved.

Sunbeam Pride is sister registered agency in Luton and has a resource centre in Northampton. Sunbeam Pride has the full support from the parent company, Sunbeam Fostering Agency, who have a proven track record. We have strong Local Authority relationships and secure many contracts to secure placements for you. We have a family ethos and you will be welcomed into Sunbeam through regular events, your supervising social worker and support groups. Sunbeam Pride has a resource centre in Northampton to make it easier for all our foster carers to receive help & support and attend support groups and meetings.

Competitive fostering allowances with many other benefits. Comprehensive insurance to cover any willful damage by foster children. Management and staff share positive values and care about welfare, not only the child’s but also your own. A dedicated service around the needs of looked after children to ensure placement stability. Practice steeped in research theories and evidence based of successful outcomes for children and young people.

Promotion of equal opportunities for all. A thriving children support group for looked after children and your own birth children. Registered offices in London and Coventry with many resource centres in Croydon, Walthamstow, Wembley, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Blackburn and Nottingham. Excellent results of your care leavers with over 95% being in education or in employment.

Professional, experienced, qualified staff to undertake your assessment
Fostering allowances up to £700 per week to cover children’s needs.
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Comprehensive and progressive up to date training programme
A supervising social worker who will be local to you and dedicated to supporting you.

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