Support in Fostering


Sunbeam is committed to providing our approved foster carers with prompt, professional, high-quality fostering support, supervision and training.We want you to have the very best skills and resources in order to meet the individual needs of the looked after children and young people in your care and to ensure they achieve the very best outcomes possible.


Support and Supervision is essential to enable foster carers to grow and develop, and to continue to provide appropriate, stable care to looked after children and young people. Every foster carer has an allocated Supervising Social Worker who will keep in regular contact through telephone calls, emails and home visits as well as a formal monthly supervision visits.

At times being a foster carer can be challenging and support is always tailored according to need following carers individual, personal and professional development plan. Supervising Social Workers will always visit or call more often in the early stages of a placement and foster carers can expect an immediate response when issues arise that require advice or where extra help is needed.

In addition to our social workers, we have dedicated support workers who will assist with travel, practical arrangements and contact. They will also provide structured and emergency work with children or young people to improve their behaviour.


Sunbeam also provides an excellent out of hours service which is available on a 24 hour basis. If foster carers have any issues, advice and support will always be available to answer questions.