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Parenting / caregiving Tips

28th June 2017

Parenting / caregiving Tips 1 | Know that kids will act like kids. Often parents forget that the way a child’s learning begins is by making mistakes and behaving immaturely. …

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Unforgettable Day in My School Life

22nd June 2017

Here is a true story of a teenager who believes that “when there is a will, there is a way”. August 2nd, 2004 was one day which can never be …

Sunbeam Fostering Agency

Importance of children reading over the summer

20th June 2017

With all this pressure on kids these days to ‘achieve’ they question is how to prevent kids learning from slipping back during the Summer Holidays. Some children go to Summer …

Father’s Day

14th June 2017

Father’s Day is nearly upon us and it a special occasion for many fathers across the UK. It is a day to give thanks to your Dad and show appreciation …

Our Support Groups

12th June 2017

Some of our looked after children and carer’s got together last week for a support group and a chance to spend time socialising and playing. Bringing the children and carers …