What is Enhanced Fostering?


We are delighted to bring to the organisation our new and innovative Enhanced Fostering Service whereby we are increasing the number of foster carers who can provide a home for the most troubled and traumatised children. Our specialist service is in high demand as Local Authorities are finding a greater need for Enhanced foster care placements.

Children and young people who require a Enhanced foster placement are likely to have had previous placement breakdowns whereby the standard fostering placement has been unsuccessful or where their adoption placement has broken down. Alternatively, some of our young people have successfully completed treatment in a more restrictive setting such as a residential home and are ready to step-down into a family environment.

What is Therapeutic or Enhanced Fostering

Children and young people requiring an enhanced foster placement usually have a high degree of developmental trauma which is impacting on their ability to connect to others in a family setting. We often find that Looked After Children’s past abuse and trauma have caused various different types of mental health conditions such as depression, psychosis, separation anxiety and/or self-harming and our goal is to reduce such symptoms so they can experience a fulfilling and positive childhood.

We understand how difficult it can be to care for a child or young person whose emotional needs are complex and demanding and hence fully recognise how we must provide the best possible support to our foster carers. In doing so we have commissioned a Enhanced framework to our fostering programme known as The ARC© Framework which is a practical guide to trauma-informed care and parenting for children and young people by their foster carers.


Key Points

Our Enhanced fostering service is for the most troubled and traumatised children and young people.
We provide an intensive level of support, supervision and training through using the power of psychology.
We have invested heavily in the ARC model of Enhanced parenting to ensure our children and young people receive the very best possible care.
ARC is a trauma awareness programme for foster parents caring for children aged three to seventeen who present with significant and psychological issues.
We are currently developing existing carers and recruiting new carers for our Enhanced fostering service and welcome your interest to progress this.

Lydia Neu - Therapeutic Project Manager