Young People – Sunbeam Fostering Agency


Children and Young people; this section of the website is all about you and for you! Sunbeam have been caring for children for a long time and we are here to support you but we also want to listen to you and how you feel we can support, so please do tell us.You will all have your own concerns and worries and we are here for you to talk to us so we can help you solve them. We would love to hear from you: info@sunbeamfostering.com

We aim to make sure you feel:

Happy and safe with your foster carers, have the chance to do the things you enjoy with support and receive what you need.

When you first arrive to your foster carers:

You will meet someone from Sunbeam who will make sure you are ok.
You will be given a book for you to keep which will explain what will happen next. If you need help understanding this just ask. You can find these on the ‘Children’s handbook page’.

There are many things we do to make your time with Sunbeam happy:

Support groups- We have regular support groups so you can meet other children and make friends. Come along, have fun, and share experiences.
We will ask for your feedback and will give you a form. This is very important to us so we can listen to your thoughts and you can tell us how we can support you.