Our Foster Care Placement Team Includes:

The Placement Team works effectively to offer well-matched placements and have full knowledge of carers availability and strengths. The team works closely with the Local Authority Commissioning Teams and have a proactive approach to each referral.

John Collins – Senior Placement and Recruitment Manager

Mathew Jacob – Placement Manager

Roshin Varghese – Placement Officer

Mohammad Khurram – Placement Officer

Elena Babintseva – Placement Officer

Our central placement team

Please contact the team on 0208 799 0930 or email duty@sunbeamfostering.com

Our Services:

  • Core hours from 9 am to 6.00pm
  • Prompt responses to referrals and queries
  • The team has extensive knowledge of our Foster Carers
  • A robust matching process, this takes into consideration various factors to ensure the best match is proposed for the child or young person
  • The team works closely with our social work team and senior staff to review placement stability

Out of Hours Service

We have a specialist team to manage referrals after 6.00pm. The team includes an out of hours social worker and duty manager.

Please call the team on 0208 799 0930 above after 6.00pm and if required, your call will be diverted to our duty team.

The team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week