Foster Care Placement Team



The placement team works closely with all Local Authorities to promote our foster carers and respond to all referrals. When they receive a suitable referral, they compare it to your approval terms and preference, contact you to discuss the referral and then contact the local authority to progress this further. The team will keep you fully informed at all times.

Referrals for placements are dependent on the relevant fostering agency holding framework contracts or tenders with Local Authorities. We hold excellent positions on frameworks due to our quality of service, Ofsted rating and cost effective outcomes.

Meet our Placement Team

The team includes the following key people:

John Collins – Head of Placements and Recruitment

Nicola Westley – Business Development Manager

Roshin Varghese – Senior Placement Officer

Elena Babintseva – Placement Officer

Mohammad Khurram – Placement Officer

Kay Rogers- Placement Support

Sankho Ghosh – Placements Officer

We would welcome your engagement and participation. There are range of ways you can help or become involved including:

• Providing social media content on your fostering experience or sending a short block
• Engaging and participating in support groups
• Helping facilitate support groups
• Suggesting ideas for children or young people’s activities
• Providing any feedback on the agency policies, approach or generally
• Refer potential applicants/carers’ who would want to join Sunbeam
• Get actively involved in our foster carer recruitment drive across all regions

Please feel free to discuss any events or ideas with your social worker or other team members.