Children’s Outcomes

Sunbeam’s focus is always the child and young person in our care. We aim to provide children and young people with a positive, safe and high level of support in a family environment. Our services seek to allow children and young people to develop and grow within the five key outcome areas of “Every Child Matters”:

  • Be Healthy
  • Stay Safe
  • Enjoy and Achieve
  • Make a Positive Contribution
  • Achieve Economic Wellbeing

We have summarised below our approach to each of the outcomes. We closely monitor these and look to provide feedback to our Local Authorities.



Be Healthy

  • Foster carers are given support and advice on being healthy
    Children and carers are encouraged to exercise and eat healthy
  • All children are registered with a GP and dentist
  • Guidelines are given on the harm caused by alcohol, smoking and drugs
  • Disabled children and young people with long-term health conditions are given additional support and advice from professionals


Stay Safe

  • Carers must adhere to a comprehensive child protection policy
  • Complaint procedures are in place for children to report issues
  • Regular safeguarding training is provided
  • Foster carers are required to complete health and safety training
  • Thorough checks are undertaken in the assessment process to identify any concerns regarding carers and any history of issues with children


Enjoy and Achieve

  • Foster carers are encouraged to reward children and young people for success in exams or other achievements
  • Allowances are paid to carers to provide for birthday and religious celebrations
  • Carers are expected to take children in their care on holidays during the year
  • Activities for children are actively encouraged such as sport, social and other events
  • Additional allowances are paid to support a child if they have a particular talent or hobby that promotes their happiness


Make a Positive Contribution

  • All children (foster and birth) are encouraged to provide input into foster carer reviews
  • Children are given a guidebook to motivate them to have a positive impact on others around them

Achieve Economic Well-being

  • Savings are made for children in care on a weekly basis
  • Training is provided to carers on how to manage their finances and encourage children to budget their allowances
  • Guidance is given to young persons as they approach independence on financial issues