Transferring to Sunbeam Fostering Agency


 If you are already registered as a foster carer with a Fostering Agency or Local Authority within the United Kingdom and are planning to move from your service provider to another, we would be happy to discuss arranging a transfer to Sunbeam Fostering Agency. As with all jobs sometimes you just need a change or maybe you are looking for a new challenge, whatever your reason for looking at our web page, be assured that as a foster carer you have a right to change agencies.

This basic right is enshrined within the Fostering Network ‘TRANSFER OF FOSTER CARERS PROTOCOL ENGLAND’ document, which has been adopted as the accepted process for managing the transfer of carers who wish to be assessed to foster by another agency. The protocol was updated in 2014, please see the key principles below:

Foster carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services
All fostering services should be committed to the active recruitment of people new to fostering
Consideration will be given to the views of the child, and where applicable the views of parent(s) and other relevant parties
It must be ensured that children in placement are guarded against unplanned moves and/or moves which are not in their best interests
Fostering Services and Independent Fostering Agencies will comply with all relevant legislation, regulation, standards and statutory guidance
The protocol recognises the principles of child care legislation and seeks to ensure that safeguarding the welfare of children is at the core of fostering policy and practice. It recognises that the welfare of any child in placement is paramount


Download – Guide to Transfer

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Please click on the link below to download a copy. If you should like any additional information on this and what is involved, please let us know. Our recruitment team is also on hand to answer any questions you may have and we look forward to hearing from you.

At Sunbeam, we know that as a foster carer, your first consideration is to the stability for any children or young people you have in your care. So is ours. That’s why our first consideration must always be not to disrupt the children’s placement and continuing the positive work you have achieved to date.In the majority of cases, following a protocol meeting with the placing Local Authority, an agreement can be reached for the children to transfer to Sunbeam with you. Sunbeam always gives a commitment to maintaining the current terms of the placement to you and the placing Local Authority. This means that you will continue to receive the same level of payment, expenses and services to support the child for the duration of the placement, where these exceed those provided by Sunbeam.

If you are considering transferring to another agency and currently do not have any children in placement, then the process is far simpler.