Children’s Handbook


Every child arriving at a new foster carer with Sunbeam will receive a handbook. This will hopefully answer any questions you have and make you feel less worried. We hope you find the guide helpful but if you are still unsure or have any questions you can ask your foster carer or social worker. Like you have a social worker, your foster carer will also have a social worker and you can also speak to them too. We have these handbooks in 9 different languages for all young people to read. If you do require any of the handbooks please speak with your Supervising Social Worker or contact us on 02087 990 930.

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The Guide Covers:

Important dates for you in foster care
Information about Sunbeam
School matters and education
Health matters
At what age can you?
Procedures should you need to complain
Support available to you
IRO (Independent Reviewing Officer) information
Help and advice
Common questions
Contact details