Complex Needs for Fostering

These are fostering placements for children who often display challenging behavior and who require a high level of support and supervision.


Children with complex needs may display the following:


Physical or aggressive behavior

Sexualised behavior

May have social or attachment disorders or mental health difficulties.

These placements are rewarding but also challenging. We provide carers with additional fostering training, support and enhanced allowances.


Children often require therapeutic input such as play therapy or child/adolescent psychotherapy.


Foster carers will also receive a respite break during a placement.

One of the main challenges in recruitment of foster carers is finding those who have the skills to specialise in fostering children with ever more complex needs. Those with a background in this area are key to making sure that our most vulnerable children have a home where they can develop with people who are ambitious for them. A wider pool of foster carers with the right skills and qualities would make it more likely that the right homes can be found for children first time, giving them the best chance of a happy childhood and a successful future.

Around seven out of 10 looked after children have a special educational needs compared with almost two in 10 of all children. That’s why this Foster Care Fortnight many fostering services are asking people with the skills and willingness to support a child with special educational needs to consider becoming a foster carer with Sunbeam Fostering Agency.