Fostering Siblings

Specialist Placement Of Sibling Groups – Fostering Siblings

When sibling groups are placed in foster care it can become a challenge for the Local Authority to keep them together. However, it is very important to keep the children together given their potential relationships with each other, the support they may provide each other and their shared experiences.

We are seeing an increasing need for foster homes for sibling groups and also seeing a greater number of younger children being referred to us. “Younger” includes babies and under fives.

Fostering Siblings

Fostering Siblings

Planning for Fostering Siblings

Fostering multiple children (Fostering Siblings) can be a challenge for even the most experienced carers.

Challenges may include:

  • Space at your home
  • Financial Budgets
  • Transportation to school, contact and other activities
  • Cooking for a larger group
  • Keeping children occupied
  • Sleeping arrangements

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Fostering Siblings

We understand the challenges presented by sibling groups and have tailored our support and service accordingly.

We will assist by:

  • Providing extensive training
  • Help plan for sibling groups through your approval process
  • Provide additional support or transport where needed (agreed by the Local Authority)
  • Assist with providing activities
  • Allocate a dedicated social worker with experience of sibling groups
  • Pay competitive allowances to cover higher costs

Every agency is different, so choosing the right one means making sure you can look after your choice of foster children, get the best foster carer’s support and the financial benefits that are right for you.

Are you passionate about making a difference for children and have time and energy to give to a child?