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Why children should write a diary

Why children should write a diary

Writing a diary could be very beneficial for a child. It could give them a place to reflect on their feelings, a space to write down events that possibly happened during that day and how this made them feel and what they did. Having a diary provides a child or young person to have some of their own space to reflect and its something that only they will be able to read and keep, unless they choose to share.

“Children do not always know how to talk about what they’re feeling. Sometimes they’re unsure of what they’re feeling, especially in the wake of trauma, when things are unclear and don’t make much sense,” says Jacqui Blue, a Californian hypnotherapist who specialises in trauma.

Jacqui Blue suggests that children who are distraught over world events use “unsent letter” technique to help them cope with their emotions or find some clarity.
“It is a letter that is never meant to be sent, but it enables the writer to get it out of them with a very powerful outlet.”

Writing a diary can help children to have a positive control over their emotions, but to also having that ownership. A child or young person could make their diary personal to them as they can customise it to make it more appealing to them. For example, for a younger child they may wish to draw in the diary, or cover it in arts and crafts. Where as, a younger person may wish to add parts of their interests to their diary. However they wish to make it – this is a great way for a child or young person to express themselves with no barriers.

Not only does a diary help a child to get a better understanding and control of their emotions. It can also help them to develop their minds and keep them creating. A diary will encourage them to think and keep their brain active with different writing pieces and drawings which they might create. They will also be able to keep track on events which happen in their life and keep their memories.

Give your child the time and space to write in their diary so they can record all the different events which they may have experienced during that day or week. Encourage them to keep it up on a regular basis.