Know More Enhanced Fostering Go an extra mile for better outcome in Cambridgeshire Know More Enhanced Fostering Go an extra mile for better outcome in Cambridgeshire

Want MORE out of your Foster Care Career?

Become Enhanced Foster Carer in

So you’ve been a Foster Carer for years, cared for countless children and experienced first-hand the rewarding nature of your role, but have you viewed it as a career that you can actually develop? If not then keep reading.

As the population in the UK grows so does the demand for foster carers in general, but there is an even greater need for skilled people to care for children who have suffered a greater ordeal in their lives so far. Children who have experienced extreme neglect, emotional and/or physical abuse are often left traumatised and the impact on their mental health is often immeasurable. This typically leads to depression, separation anxiety and self-harming.

We believe this cycle can be broken and as such it is our goal to reduce these symptoms and to be a part of the solution so that these children can go on to live fulfilling and positive lives.

How you can help in

By becoming an Enhanced Foster Carer in you would primarily provide children and young people with a loving and therapeutic home in that will give them the stability they need. Working with Sunbeam Fostering Agency, we will support you every step of the way.

What you can expect in return

  • Advance your experience and career by being in a specialist team of qualified and certified carers in Aylesbury
  • Specialist training to develop your learning about trauma-informed carer
  • Working with a therapist to support your care and learning
  • Earn up to £750 per week
  • A careful matching process which enables us to place the right child with you
  • Organised respite breaks so that you can get the balance needed
  • Close supervision and increased home visits as and when required to the placement by an experienced SSW
  • An increased frequency of telephone calls to have regular updates
  • One to one support from an experienced outreach worker to support the placement monthly
  • 24/7 support by a qualified Social Worker
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Frequent unannounced home visits
  • The carer receive a higher fostering allowance
  • Regular respites

Partner with Sunbeam Fostering Agency in and together we can be a part of the solution to this growing epidemic of children and young people who are in care after having suffered above and beyond what any child should ever have to. If you can provide the tranquil home in , then together we can develop your skillset that will in turn encourage a positive future for young lives. Let’s go further, let’s make a difference.

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