Do I need a spare bedroom to start fostering children?

Do I need a spare bedroom to start fostering children?

Yes, and this must be available at the time of application. Part of the assessment takes into consideration your accommodation and if a spare bedroom is not available the assessment can not go ahead. If your child has gone off to University and you plan to use their bedroom, will there be enough room when they come home for holidays?

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No, it doesn’t matter if you own or rent your home, or if you live in a council or housing association accommodation, as long as your rent or mortgage payments are up to date, and it is of a clean standard. The important thing is that you are settled and not likely to leave at short notice and that you can offer a foster child or young person his or her own room.

Although some Local Authorities and IFAs will allow this, at Sunbeam we think that the high quality care, which we consider every one of our children and young people need, can only be achieved by having one carer at home full time. Our carers are part of a professional and dedicated team and we offer them a remuneration and respite package that reflects their commitment.

We do our best to process all applications as quickly as possible, usually in six months but more often between three to four months.

Once approved as a Foster Carer with the Sunbeam Fostering Agency, the Placement team will begin their search for a placement for you. Where a potential match with a child is being considered, brief details of your suitability will be provided to the Local Authority by the placement team. You will also be allocated a Supervising Social Worker who will offer you all the support and supervision required.

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