Foster Care Fortnight 2018

Foster Care Fortnight, Day 9: Social Worker Day

Today we want to celebrate all the hard work, dedication and support that our social workers provide to our foster carers. At Sunbeam we appreciate that all our social workers go the extra mile to support our foster carers. Every foster carer has a dedicated social worker who will meet with them on a regular basis, visit their home, phone call conversations, build relationships with our foster carers, their foster child and birth children and support them throughout their entire fostering journey.

As a supervising social worker, I supervise and assist foster carers in the task of looking after the children placed with them by the responsible authority. I build professional relationships with foster families; I get to know their household and their own children. I am there to support the foster carers in ensuring that the quality standards set by Sunbeam are achieved.

My primary responsibility as a supervising social worker is to the child placed with the foster carers, even though I do not have the case responsibility of the child. I also liaise with the responsible authority social worker and other key professionals to achieve positive outcomes for the looked after child. This includes undertaking joint visits with the child’s social worker, regular supervision visits and completion of written records for reviews and decision-making.

I also provide support to the foster carers by providing them personal training plans and training opportunities to the foster carers. I am also responsible for organising and facilitating support groups for the foster carers and assisting them in achieving the agreed care plans for the looked after child. I also support the foster carers in their payment of their fostering allowances and assist them in the completion of the mandatory checks.

Moreover, I provide support to the carers through requesting respite for the foster carers and support work to meet appointments for looked after children in case of emergencies. Providing independent support in case of allegation and investigate allegations against the carers in accordance with agency’s procedures.

– Tanvir, Social Worker

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please contact us on 020 8799 0930 to speak to a member of our team. We also have a call back request form that you can fill out and a member of our team will get back to you!