Foster Care Fortnight 2018

Foster Care Fortnight, Day 2: Welcome to Sunbeam!

Welcome to Sunbeam!

I would like to say hello and welcome you to our agency and the Sunbeam family. We are proud of the great work our foster carers and staff team undertake to deliver positive outcomes for children and young persons. This is all about the aim of our agency and what we look to achieve together. The success of Sunbeam is based on everyone’s collective effort and as Chief Executive, I am proud to be part of our family. Sunbeam has been supporting children for over 18 years which reflects our family approach and support for each other. The stories and feedback you hear is very rewarding and what motivates us to keep pushing when there are harder days or events to deal with on a day to day in fostering.

Would you like to foster for an agency who truly cares? An agency who is driven by children’s needs? We have a dedicated team who are here to support you through all hours of the day and night. Why not start your enquiry today?