Fostering Training

Fostering Training is an essential part of every carer’s ongoing development and is one of the most effective ways of ensuring continuous improvement.

These Fostering Training courses are intended for all foster carers and child care professionals. The following courses are linked to the Fostering Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care developed by Children’s Workforce Development Council, and are based on the Fostering Services Regulations and the National Minimum Standards for Fostering.

All existing Foster carers are expected to complete the Standards and gain the completed TSD Certificate. We deliver training program which meets our vision for the Children’s Workforce which is set within the context of the Every Child’s Matters.

Training courses provided by Sunbeam are conducted in our Langley Registered Office and locally at resource centres in Walthamstow, Croydon and Reading. We also host other training courses in the Midlands from our Registered Office in Coventry and at local venues in Nottingham.

Please see the summary below of areas covered by our training and specific courses:

  •   Safer Caring Including Preventing Allegations against the carers and adopters
  •   Promoting Positive Behaviour
  •   Attachment, Loss and Separation
  •   Understanding Difference and Diversity
  •   First Aid
  •   Working with children and Young People with Mental Health Issues, Special Needs including ADHD & Autism
  •   Working with children and Young People who have been abused
  •   Self-Harming and Sexualised Behaviour
  •   Child Sexual Exploitation
  •   Educational Needs of Children and Young People
  •   Drugs and Alcohol Issues & Gang Culture
  •   Core Sexual Health

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Please ask for a copy of our Training Guide for further information.

Sunbeam is committed to support foster carers to receive formal recognition of your skills, knowledge and

If you would like to attend any of the courses, please email info@sunbeamfostering.com