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Fostering Fortnight 2015 – Story by E

My story by E (just an initial).

My brother and I came into Fostering care two years ago when I was 8 and he was 7. I felt sad, frightened and confused and did not know why I was there.

“Don’t worry kids you are in safe hands”. The social worker whose car we rode in told us. We didn’t believe him though. We needn’t have worried. He was right.

Meeting our new carers M and J was scary. It was late on a Friday evening and they haven’t had any dinner ready for us so we went to McDonalds. They had to make our beds for us and we got to pick our own bedrooms. It was a life changing experience for us.

I did not feel like going to school because children would ask me why I was upset. My teacher knew this and allowed me to go out of the classroom while she explained to the class my situation. Everybody was kind to me.

Over the next days and weeks I met my carer’s friends and family. Their family were kind to us and it felt like I had known them forever.

Since I have been in care I have learnt how to touch type, my times tables and to keep my money safe in the bank for my future.

l eat lovely, healthy food everyday but Saturday is treat night and I eat pizza , sweets and cola it is my favorite night of the week as we also get to pick a film to watch.

My carers take me to visit my family because I miss them. We see them every month, it is fun.

Last year we went to Tenerife, and this year we went to Turkey, it was special because we are half Turkish. Tenerife is so hot, and it had a deep pool. Also there was a medium pool [that was cold] and there was a baby pool, if you’re an older child don’t jump in it hurts your legs. Turkey was amazing it had lots of different pools with slides and there was a dark slide.

A few weeks after we moved in, M and J’s daughter moved in next door but one with two little girls called B and L, and they were two and a half years and two months old. After school I always play with them.

If I can’t be with my mum and dad there is nowhere else I would want to be Fostering .

by E.