A Young Person in Foster Care

A Young Person in Foster Care

Jaye is a 17 year old young lady who is currently undertaking an apprenticeship at a hair salon. Jaye works at a local hair salon in Milton Keynes. Jaye began working at the salon from September 2016 and is enjoying the experience. Jaye has not had an easy life, coming into foster care at the age of 13 years old.

Jaye said she did not gain good grades when she left school but was states “…I must have impressed at the hair salon when I did some work experience through school in 2014 as I was given the opportunity to join them as an apprentice two years later….” Jaye moved to her current foster carers in May 2014. Prior to this she had lived with other foster carers and moved placements four times in one year. Jaye came into care when she was 13 years old in 2013. Jaye said that she enjoys living with her current foster carers, stating they are “fun, I feel a part of the family”. Jaye said “they are my family, I am involved in everything, and accepted by their extended family”. Jaye informed me that being encouraged was vital for her self-esteem. “I was told I could become a hairdresser, I could achieve what I wanted to do and they gave me the freedom to make my own choices. I was always encouraged to socialise and meet with my friends”.

Jaye said it was important that foster carers “make a foster child feel part of the family. At previous placements they did not include me and I felt isolated. When they went on holiday as a family I was put in respite so not feeling I was part of this family. I was given food and told when to go to bed, but I felt like a robot, not part of their family”.

Jaye said her current carers are “good, they are a mother and father figure to me. We are a happy family. It is not fake, but feels real. I feel loved. They get me involved”.

Jaye continues to have contact with her two younger brothers and her mother and father once a month. Jaye said her carers are very positive and always say to her “we are not taking you away from your family, but we are your family at the same time”.

Jaye said she gets on well with her manager and has made friends with other apprentices. Jaye enjoys being creative and talking to clients, she is passionate about hair. Jaye shampoo’s, blow dry’s and is now colouring client’s hair. She is hoping to learn how to cut hair this year. Jaye said she is learning new things every day and her plan is to stay at the salon for a few years before eventually working on a cruise ship and then owning her own salon.

Jaye’s foster carers are supported by their own Supervising Social Worker, Antoinetta D’Allessandro. Every foster carer with Sunbeam Pride Fostering has their own Supervising Social Worker who undertakes regular supervisions and offers support and guidance. The Supervising Social workers also take a great interest in the young people in care and ensure that their needs are being met within the placement. Antoinetta recently visited the salon and Jaye styled her hair. Jaye’s employers were very complimentary, telling Antoinetta how pleased they were with her progress. Antoinetta was very impressed with Jaye’s hairdressing skills.

Jaye is an example of a young person who has been given the support, time, understanding and encouragement to achieve in her life. Jaye is a positive young person who has had excellent foster carers to guide her. If you want to be a foster carer who can make a true difference in a young person’s life then why not contact us on 01582 433 775.