Sons & Daughters

Sons and Daughters Month 2019

Sons and Daughters Month 2019

Sons and Daughters Month 2019

A family can be defined in many ways, but it is the unconditional love, support and gratitude that makes a family who they are. In today’s society, there is not a stereotypical family as there might be single parents, same sex parents, or parents who significantly work together as co-parents. However, no matter what their circumstances, they do their up-most best to provide a loving and stable home environment to the children in their care.

This month, The Fostering Network is launching their annual UK campaign of celebrating the hard work that Sons and Daughters contribute within their fostering families. As a decision to become foster carers is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is a life changing decision that will impact the family and have a significant change in the household composition and family lifestyle. Therefore, the decision must involve the whole family and all family members must be in agreement that is it something they should continue with and that it is a positive next step to make. As a result, this campaign is to recognise the vital role that Sons and Daughters play in the success of fostering placements.

There is no doubt that fostering can have its challenges and for foster carers, it is their resilience, patience, commitment and passion that enables them to change a child’s life. However, within a foster home where there are birth children present, their involvement and support enables a positive fostering environment. It may be difficult for birth children to come to terms with a new child entering their household, sharing the attention but also witnessing the challenges their parents may face. Despite these difficulties, many say that being part of a foster family has had a positive impact on them, and has helped them to understand others better. It can help children realise how fortunate and lucky they are to have such a loving, stable family environment and understand that there are other children in the world less privileged.

The Son’s & Daughter’s make such a significant contribution to foster carers and the children in their care. They provide a loving brotherly or sisterly relationship that the child may not have had before and the support to a child who may need a shoulder to cry on. They provide a friendship to walk to school with or someone to play football within the garden. Son’s & Daughters play such a vital role in foster families that sometimes they do not even realise their importance. Although, from providing such care and being around this environment, a proportion of sons and daughters go on to become foster carers themselves or enter the caring profession.

This month we celebrate all the Son’s & Daughters of our Foster Carers and Thank them for their hard work, support and love they give within their fostering family. 

The Fostering Network are running a competition for children and young people in fostering households, asking them to share what they have learned as a result of their fostering experiences. Click here to visit the Fostering Networks page for more information! 

Sons & Daughters Month
Sons & Daughters Month 2019