Sons & Daughters

Sons and Daughter’s Month 2020

The month of October is all about Sons and Daughters and all the hard work and support that they bring to the fostering household and making a child or young person feel welcome and safe within their new home environment.

This month, The Fostering Network is launching their annual UK campaign of celebrating the hard work that Sons and Daughters contribute within their fostering families. As a decision to become foster carers is not a decision to be taken lightly and all family members must be considered. It is a life changing decision that will impact the family and have a significant change in the household and family lifestyle. Because fostering gives you the priceless opportunity of being able to shape a child’s life. Their lifestyle, interests, personality, language, culture and unforgettable moments can all be influenced by your upbringing; giving them all the opportunities they need to improve their lives for the better. Therefore, the decision must involve the whole family and all family members must be in agreement that is it something they should continue with and that it is a positive next step to make. As a result, this campaign is to recognise the vital role that Sons and Daughters play in the success of fostering placements.

Sons and Daughter’s make such a significant contribution to foster carers and the children in their care. They provide a loving brotherly or sisterly relationships that the child may not have had before and provide absolute support. They provide friendships, someone to walk to school with or someone to play games with. Sons and Daughters play such a vital role in foster families that sometimes they do not even realise their importance.

The Fostering Network are running a competition for the whole month of October for sons, daughters and children within the fostering household to get involved in. This year’s theme is #fostermagic to shine a light on the magical moments the young people involved in fostering have experienced. The Fostering Network are looking for fancy dress ideas which represent a favourite moment, event or aspect of fostering!  For more information about the competition or how to enter, please click here!

Here at Sunbeam, we are regularly arranging support groups for sons and daughters and other activities and different events where sons and daughters can come, learn new skills, share their experience, give feedbacks and enjoy their time. We would like to say a big thank you to the Sons and Daughters of our foster carers for their continuous hard work and support that they bring within their home.