Adoption from a father’s perspective

Adoption from a father’s perspective

“I still cannot believe it been its nearly 5 years. You gave me a leaf you picked up from the front garden. Without a shadow of doubt I knew this was meant to be.

“Our home was transformed with your early morning cry of Cereal!! Cereal! Cereal!! when you first came to as a 2 years old. I know you love your cereal and I keep your favourite cereal handy even till today.

“The joy you bring is amazing. After a long day, I just want chill out. I have to pick you up from school. You come running out of the school gates arms spread wide to jump into my hands. It is obvious you are glad to see me – it has been a long day. Wow!! All that tiredness just disappears. I am ready to hear you chatter about all the fun things you have done in school. I remember that timid boy who will not say a word. I used to wonder if there was something wrong.

“One of the most memorable days of my life was the day you entered yourself for a recital at the local Poetry festival. I wondered if you really knew what you were getting yourself into. You are very shy and retiring. To stand in front of loads of strange people reciting your poem? I thought this would be too much! But you did it!!! You did it!!! You did it!!! I was over the moon. I shed a tear of joy. I said that’s my boy!!!!!

“Your charm amazes me. You always say in your baby voice, I like your shirt, I like your tie and I like your shoes. Most of all, once when your mother and I had a bit of a tiff, you asked her for a kiss and then you asked her for mine as well. I could see a satisfied smile spread across your face as you saw us touch lips.
“Some say, what is in a name. I say names make a difference. You are Mutesa (Prince). I know you are a Prince and through you many children will be saved. Since starting my adoption marathon, knowing you has affected me so much I am on a mission to help as many children as possible. I know the more I know you the stronger the urge to help children in care will be. One day when you are old enough you will take the mantle from me and continue the work you have starter. One day we will be able to say all hail Prince Joshua!”