I thought long and hard before becoming a foster carer

I thought long and hard before becoming a foster carer

I thought long and hard before becoming a foster carer, was I going to be suitable being a single mother, having three dogs, a daughter that has some disabilities and moderate learning difficulties, and used to all my caring and attentions? But fostering was something I felt passionate about and wanted to give it a go to look after and care for children that are less fortunate than my own three children.

With the first child I had in placement, I asked my daughter if she was unhappy as it felt so strange. I was worried my daughter didn’t want to share her mum, but she said ‘no mum, you are doing a wonderful thing!’ I am now in my second year as a carer, and just to give the love, care and support to other children makes me so proud and happy to make a big or even small difference to the children’s lives.

Sometimes it can be challenging if the children have never had proper love and proper care, so they don’t know what is right or wrong or how they should feel. But for me, I have treated the children no differently than my own family, and they have learned what a normal family life should be like. Hopefully, when these children have their own children and families in later life, they can show them the way to proper love, care, and happiness.