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Become a foster carer

Become a foster carer

Every child has the right to have fun, play, opportunity to learn from others, hopeful about future and family environment and to live a healthy life. Ideally this is the responsibility of their parents but the government as well when required. Unfortunately, this is not happening and there are many children who come into care. These children are not coming into care by nature but nurture and foster carers are needed to provide them a loving family environment they need. In the UK, more than 9000 foster carers needed for the current year (2016) alone. These children are coming into care for many reasons i.e, neglect, abuse, vary care, family break up and many more. Becoming a foster carer is one of the best way to tell/show these children that, yes, there is absolutely a good hope for them and for their future and they can have a future they want. Many people think that they can’t care for many children and caring for one or two children will not change the situation. In fact, if you are caring for one child as foster carer, you are changing not only one child’s life but generations. You will provide a child with a chance to have a secure, safe and family environment where he/she can flourish, build, and achieve. And this child will do the same for the children of his/her own and this will be passed onto the coming generations. 

Often foster carers are excited for the children placed with however these children coming into care may not be because of the reasons they bring them into care and they will obviously be distressed. But because of the care and time given to them in the foster family they will feel that there is still hope for them to live and have a secure future which off course will change their lives and this will only become possible if we have enough foster carer available.

As time passes, many things happen in our lives for example losing a house, work, and property etc but as a foster carer you will always be important to someone. The child you gave a secure and bright future, will never ever forget you and you will be always in the good and golden memories to them.

Becoming a foster carer is like you are contributing in the community and playing your part. There are many children in care and coming into care on regular basis and therefore there is always demand for foster carers.

Becoming a foster carer is a decision which off course takes time and lot of consideration. But in fact, it’s a life changing experience and an opportunity for someone thrive and achieve which unfortunately they may not have otherwise.


We at Sunbeam Fostering Agency work in partnership with our foster carers and local authorities to provide a safe, secure and stable future to these children in care and flourish their life.

The application process is very smooth and our team will be happy to receive your enquiry and help you all the way to become an approved foster carer. We aim to finish the process in less than 3 months and provide you all the necessary trainings in the meantime.

We hope foster care is attractive to you and we look forward to receiving your application form and welcoming you to the Sunbeam family. If you take the next step and become a foster carer, this will give the opportunity for a child’s life to be improved which is our shared focus.

Article written by Muhammad Iqbal