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Different types of fostering

Different types of fostering

Every child’s situation is different – so we offer different types of foster care to meet their needs.


Emergency fostering:

As the name suggests, this gives a child a safe place to stay for one or two nights at short notice when something unexpected happens.

Intensive fostering:

This is used as a secure accommodation and is very effective at turning around the lives of vulnerable young people and their families.

Youth justice:

A child or young person is sometimes fostered when they’re at risk of going to prison or secure accommodation. Fostering gives them emotional and behavioural support to help them understand what they’ve done wrong, and how to change their behaviour. These placements are short term.

Permanent/long-term fostering:

When a child or young person’s home situation is not likely to change quickly, they may need to stay with a foster carer for months or years. This can be until they’re ready and able to live independently.

Parent and child placements:

This is when parents need support and guidance in learning to care for their babies or young children. The parent lives with you, as well as the child, and you work with other professionals to see how they cope and help them develop as a parent.

Specialist placements:

Working with professionals, you’ll help young people who’ve been through early neglect, abuse or trauma, many moves in care, or placements that haven’t worked.

Short-term and time-limited fostering:

Sometimes we’re asked to temporarily look after a child coming into care for a specific reason, such as an ill parent.