Awards Evening End of Year Awards

End of Year Awards 2020

As 2020 drew to a close, across the group we got the amazing opportunity to celebrate our End of Year Awards with our foster carers and team members. Although this year has been difficult and uncertain, one thing for certain has been the amazing efforts put in by our foster carers and team members to ensure our children and young people received the best possible outcomes.

Sunbeam London

Sunbeam London’s End of Year Awards took place via zoom on Friday 11th December 2020. We had over 200 foster carers join our event, it was a great success! With a live speaker sharing his story to a fantastic magician and all staff and foster carers contributions! A big congratulations to all foster carers and staff members who received an award for their amazing achievements!

During our virtual End of Year awards, we also celebrate 20 years of Sunbeam! We are very thankful to all our foster carers and team members for all their hard work and dedication towards our children and young people.

Sunbeam Midlands

On Thursday 17th December 2020, Sunbeam Midlands held their End of Year Awards. Thank you to everyone who attended our awards and made the event special. It was great to get together to celebrate all the achievements made throughout the year.

A special thank you to our team members who went the extra mile to support our event and make it a great memory for all. Our guest speaker, Ashley was fantastic, a BBC broadcast journalist and presenter who has a remarkable story of how he overcame his troubled childhood including his time in care and went on to study at one of the world’s best universities.  

Sunbeam Pride

The End of Year Awards was such a positive way to end a year which has been so difficult and challenging for many. Sunbeam Pride was able to thank our foster carers for their hard work and dedication to fostering and present six household with awards and flowers to recognise their long service with the agency. Seven households also received awards and flowers for fostering excellence throughout 2020. The guest speaker Ashley John-Baptiste spoke to attendees about his experience of growing up in care and then going on to become a BBC Presenter and Reporter. Attendees enjoyed being able to ask Ashley questions about his experiences in care and how he thought the care system could change in the future.

Two members of Sunbeam Pride staff also received outstanding contribution awards for their hard work throughout 2020.

We look forward to 2021 and all it brings. We hope to have many more foster carer, children and young people events to celebrate achievements and meet for a catch up. From everyone at Sunbeam Fostering, we wish you all the best for the New Year!

Awards received by Foster Carers and Team Members