Father’s Day

Father’s day is a day which is celebrated once a year. The day is to show all the love and gratitude for your father and all that he may have done for you. The day is widely advertised throughout all the shops, online and on TV. A way to show your love and gratitude may be to buy or create gifts and cards to give to your father. The day is spent being with your loved ones and family. Throughout schools and after-school clubs leading up to the day of Father’s day, children may be encouraged in class to make personalised, handmade gifts to give to their Father.

Father’s day can be a difficult day for children and young people who might not have a father to celebrate with for one reason or another. It can be very confusing and unsettling. It can become one of the hardest days of the year for children and young people who cannot be with their father. Father’s day can make children feel uncomfortable when they are in care, they may not even want to acknowledge the day. However, they may feel happy to celebrate the day with you, wanting to be a part of the memories and experience. The day may emphasise the love and support which their foster carer has provided them and cherish the memories which they have shared with you. Children and young people may find the day to thank you for helping them through everything that you have all been through together.

If you have a child or young person in your care for Father’s day, it is important to make them feel comfortable, let them know they can talk to you about anything at any time. Have the understanding with them that there is no pressure on the day, try to reassure them and support them through the day.

Foster carers provide loving homes and support for our children and young people. They make huge differences to lives despite past trauma that they may have been through. Understanding the difficult situation of special days like Father’s day and supporting your child or young person through it, being able to enjoy and have fun on the day together.