Foster Care Fortnight 2024

Foster Care Fortnight 2024

This foster care fortnight we are excited to announce that we will be showing our support and taking part in raising awareness around fostering and the need for more foster carers. This year’s theme is Fostering Moments which honours the significant moments that characterise fostering journeys. the times that gave young people confidence, gave them a sense of security and produced fond memories.

Throughout the Foster Care Fortnight, we will be engaging with our community daily through our social media platforms, with each day dedicated to a unique theme that everyone can participate in. From heartfelt stories and informative articles to captivating videos and vibrant graphics, we are committed to spreading awareness and expressing our gratitude to our foster carers for their hard work and dedication.

Join the conversation, share your stories, and spread awareness using hashtags #sunbeamfostering and #fosteringmoments. We want to help raise as much awareness around the campaign and show our appreciation to our foster carers for their continuous hard work.

Foster Walk

We are thrilled to announce our recruitment team will be participating in the 70,000 steps for the 70,000 children in the foster care system of the UK. We will be sharing our foster walk moments everyday on our social media pages. Make sure you are following us on our social media pages to see our progress.

Coffee Morning

Have you been thinking about fostering and want meet our team to know more about fostering then this session is for you! Come and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with us and ask any questions about fostering that you may have on 16th May 2024 from 11:00 am to 1pm at Costa Coffee Langley. Please give us a call on 02087990930 or send us an email on recruitment@sunbeamfostering.com to know the details.

Info Session

Unable to attend our Coffee Morning? No problem! Join us for a virtual fostering information session on 20th May 2024, 10:00 AM London via zoom call to meet our recruitment team for a very insightful presentation and ask any questions that you may have about fostering. Please give us a call on 02087990930 or send us an email on recruitment@sunbeamfostering.com to receive your joining link.

Get Involved

Foster Care Fortnight 2024 presents an opportunity for foster carers to actively participate in raising awareness about fostering and create lasting change. Each foster carer has a unique story and valuable experiences to share. During Foster Care Fortnight, consider sharing your favourite fostering moments with us. These can be moments that define fostering journeys, big and small. The moments that built confidence, made young people feel safe and created memories. You can share these through blog posts, social media, or community gatherings. By openly discussing the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned, you can inspire and educate others who may be considering or embarking on their own foster care journey. Your insights and stories can contribute to raising awareness and dispelling misconceptions about foster care while fostering a supportive and informed community. If you have anything you would like to share with us about your fostering journey or the achievements of your child or young person, please drop an email to our team at socialm@sunbeamfostering.com . We look forward to all the exciting things Foster Care Fortnight has in store over the next two weeks!

Become a Foster Carer with us

This Foster Care Fortnight, we are calling for you! People from all walks of life, get in touch and find out more about becoming a foster carer. If you have the room to spare and the love to give, we believe you can foster. We at Sunbeam Fostering, welcome foster carers from a diverse range of backgrounds and all ages. Our team works hard to create a truly inclusive environment where we embrace diversity. We believe that your personal qualities and what you can offer make you a great foster parent, not your gender or sexual orientation. We encourage all our foster carers to share their fostering stories and experiences. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please call us on 02087990930 or visit our website www.sunbeamfostering.com.

Written By- Nishtha Singh (Digital Marketing Officer)