Foster Care Fortnight 2018

Foster Care Fortnight, Day 7: Support and Training

Support and Training Day

At Sunbeam we ensure that all our foster carers feel supported throughout their entire fostering journey. From the moment an applicant makes an enquiry. Once an enquiry is made a member or our recruitment team will be in contact with you to begin your application and also arrange an initial home visit, this is where a member of our team will come to visit you at your house. These are the initial stages. We have a skilled team who will be able to assist you throughout your fostering process. Once you have become an improved foster carer you will have a dedicated social worker.

Your supervising social worker will:

• Keep in frequent touch with you, your family and children/young people in placement through visits at least once a month and regular telephone calls.

• Arrange for any additional support services needed such as access to Support Services or respite care.

• Support you in report writing and dealing with birth parents and local authorities.

• Identify training needs and help you to achieve your learning and development objectives including meeting the TSD (Training, Support & Development) standards.

• Keep careful records of the progress of children placed with you.

We also have out of hours contact so if our foster carers face any problems throughout the night we will be able to support our carers. Having a 24/7 phone line 365 days of the year can reassure you, so you know that there is always support for you.

To support our foster carers, we offer free training throughout the year on a regular basis. this includes onsite, online and one to one trainings. All of our trainings are held locally to make sure it’s convenient for our foster carers. We also arrange for regular local support groups where newly approved foster carers have the chance to meet up our experienced foster carers and share their experiences with them. During working hours, all our team members (from supervising social workers to senior management) are available to speak to, if required. During out of hours, our dedicated team will be on hand to support you, should there any situation arises.

Furthermore, it is also very important to us that our children too feel supported at all times this is why All children and young people placed with Sunbeam foster carers should have their own social worker from the relevant Local Authority who will keep in touch with them throughout their placement, make statutory visits and make care planning decisions with and for them.