Foster Care Fortnight 2018

Foster Care Fortnight, Day 6: Foster Care Experience Day

Today is a day for us to focus on our carers fostering experiences. All our carers provide our children and young people with loving safe environments and support them through one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. Here is what one of our fantastic newly approved foster carer from Birmingham had to say about fostering.

I have so much love for a child and my own two wonderful children are grown up. Serendipity intervened, soon I discovered Sunbeam Fostering Agency. This was almost a year ago, so much as happened through my journey to be a loving Foster Mother. The Agency are marvellous. The support, empathy and constant encouragement received from the people at Sunbeam has enabled me to remain calm and put my trust in their procedures. I have never done this before and I found it scary, not knowing how to behave, what to say or if all the professionals would think of me a suitable foster parent.

Sunbeam has given me great opportunities to develop my existing skills and learn many new ones. I have attended several important courses, some of them taking place over the weekend. The courses were about essential subjects including the Children’s Fostering Process, Children’s Safeguarding and First Aid. For several weeks, a social worker came to my house on Saturdays, asking many questions. For each assessment I would be anxious, I need not have been, the whole experience was interesting. I cannot thank Sunbeam Fostering Agency enough for improving my confidence. Sunbeam put their faith in me, for that they deserve and have mine.

Good Karma, Good Aura, Harmony.

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