Fostering Myths

Fostering is an extremely rewarding job, providing a home for a child or young person in care who needs a safe and loving environment. We need foster carers from a wide range of backgrounds, races and religion. This is because all children have their own unique and individual background and heritage. But because of some of the fostering myths that people have heard it may have stopped them enquiring, here are just some of the most common fostering myths.

Common Fostering Myths:

I’m single, I cannot foster: A foster carers relationship status is not an important factor when fostering, as long as you can provide a loving, safe and stable environment. At Sunbeam all our carers have made a remarkable difference to a child’s life.

I do not own my own home, I cannot foster: You do not need to own your own home to become a foster carer, if you rent through a private landlord or agency, all we ask if that you receive written permission that you can use the house for fostering. As long as you are able to offer a foster child or young person their own bedroom, you can foster.

I don’t have my own children: I cannot foster: You do not need to have children to be able to become a foster carer. However, it is important to portray the relevant childcare experience that you have. This could be, caring for family members, previous work experience or any relevant volunteering. There are many ways to show your skills, it doesn’t have to just be through children of your own.

I am from the LGBT community, I cannot foster: Your sexual orientation does not affect your ability to foster a child. Just as there is diversity in children in foster care, it is also important to have diversity in the foster carer community. As long as you are able to support a child, giving them a loving safe environment.

I am too old, I cannot foster: There is no upper age limit to becoming a foster carer, as long as you have the time, commitment and energy to look after a child or young person and change a life, your age does not limit that.

I am a single male; I cannot foster: At Sunbeam many of our carers are single males and have made a huge impact to the children in their care. Men are able to bring a wide range of skills and characteristics to the role of a foster carer, offering a great role model to a child’s life.
Sunbeam Fostering Agency welcomes single or couple foster carers, no matter what your sexuality is. As long as you are physically able to look after a child, have a spare bedroom as well as the time and commitment. You do not need to have your own children, but you do need to show your relevant childcare experience.

I work , I cannot foster: You are able to foster and work at the same time, as long as you can be flexible round the child or young persons needs in your care. For example, if they need picking up from school due to them being unwell that you are able to pick them up and take them home and care from them.

If you are unsure about who can foster, or would like more information please call our office on 02087 990 930. We have a dedicated team who will be able to answer all of your fostering questions.