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How to talk about difficult topics with your child

How to talk about difficult topics with your child

Communication with your child is key but it might not always be easy depending on the topic needing to be discussed. The conversation might be to help, support or even protect them so it is important to surround them with positive advice and guidance if they ever need someone to talk to.

Creating the right environment;
Children might feel uncomfortable talking to their parents or carers about their problems. Every child is different so it would be important to assess the situation and understand the child more to have an idea of how the conversation may go. By being forceful or judgemental towards the child could immediately make them put up a wall and prevent them from being comfortable to talk. Try to find a relaxed environment where you both can have the conversation and help make it relevant to something you have seen on TV or something that has recently happened.

Listening to the child is probably the most important aspect of that conversation. It is vital for them to feel that you value what they are saying and that you are not judging them. Try to ask open questions to allow the child to express more and speak more openly about how they feel or what has happened. Remember to also be patient and that it might be difficult for the child to speak, so give them time and do not push them.

Children growing up will always face difficult situations whether it be within the family, at school or in the public. It can be distressing and emotional and may have a big impact on their well-being. By having, a good relationship with your child will allow them to talk freely about things that are bothering them and they will be able to open up more comfortably.