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Events for Young People in Care

10th August 2017

At Sunbeam Pride Fostering we try to organize a number of events throughout the year for our young people to enjoy. This summer, the eastern region Sunbeam Pride’s family summer …

Northamptonshire, We Need You!

9th August 2017

Sunbeam Pride Fostering Agency has a number of foster carers within the Northamptonshire area, but we need more. We are one of the preferred providers with Northamptonshire Council so we …

Foster Child’s

Foster Child’s Next Step in Hairdressing

8th August 2017

We recently placed an article online about a young person, Jaye, who is in care and her discussed her journey to become a hairdresser. The supervising social worker for Jaye’s …

Motivation To Foster

What Is Your Motivation To Foster?

28th July 2017

There are many reasons why people decide to become foster carers and a number of international studies have been carried out to find out more about peoples motivation. Some of …

Manners every child should be taught

10 Manners every child should be taught

6th July 2017

Being a parent or foster parent isn’t a simple task these days. Reeling children in is so much easier said than done. Whatever happened to teaching children the ins and …