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I Love Fostering!

I Love Fostering!

When my mummy and daddy started fostering I was only 3 years old.

I think fostering is very good because I know that I am helping people who don’t have a family who can look after them.

Foster childIt doesn’t really affect me even though I sometimes disagree with the children. It doesn’t bother me that much I treat them like family to me. They are all nice people from different backgrounds and different ages.

I like fostering because new people come to our house and play with me. They don’t play all the time but when they do we have a lot of fun and don’t really think that they are our foster child I think they are family.

I also enjoy when I go places with them such as the parks, bike rides, shopping, swimming and holidays.

I also enjoy it when we meet up with their siblings and do fun stuff together.

I hope they enjoy living with us because I really want them to be happy and have a positive life.

I think fostering makes me realise that helping people is good and it makes me more caring and more understanding. They just need someone to count on they are no different to anyone else and it’s very sad when they leave.