Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe

The NSPCC have created a video to explore the steps we can take to ensure children are safe from sexual abuse. By giving adults the knowledge of how to safeguard children, we could stop sexual abuse before it happens.

 To help protect children from abuse, it is important we must consider the safety of where they spend most of the time. If it is within the home, procedures such as ensuring the babysitter has a DBS check or has trusted references. If it is within the school or community then check all safeguarding policies are valid and up to date. However, sexual abuse can also occur online, so it is important to have an understanding of parental controls and making children aware of taking safety measures and understanding the risks.

Keeping children safe is paramount but it is important that children understand what sexual abuse is and to recognise when something is not ok. The NSPCC has launched a campaign ‘’PANTS’ which helps children to understand that their body belongs to them and nobody should make them do anything they are not comfortable with. The light-hearted video captures the importance of keeping safe and helps children to recognise when something is not ok and when it is key to speak to someone.