The Process

Knowing More About Your Assessment

Your Assessment

If we have accepted your application form then you have began your journey of becoming a foster carer. It is quite an in-depth process, so please be patient and understand that we need to conduct thorough checks and discuss your background with any significant events you have experienced. It is a time to reflect on your past and reminisce about your upbringing, your children and any significant achievements you have had throughout your life. Imagine it as your life storybook.

Then once it is completed, you can read it and check it’s all accurate before presenting it to panel.

The process takes approximately three months, as we need to do your stage 1 checks and complete your Form F assessment concurrently. You will be allocated an assessing social worker who will visit your home during the 12 weeks to compile your assessment, which you will then present to panel. They will need to assess anyone living in the home and to seek references from close friends and extended family members.

We want to ensure you feel supported and comfortable throughout your assessment so feel free to contact your assessing social worker or another member of the team if you have any questions or concerns. It is important to create a good relationship with your assessing social worker, as they will be with you throughout your assessment and they will be supporting you at Panel.

What is Panel?

Panel is more of an informal interview once your Form F assessment is complete. You will be presented to various professionals who have experience working with children and of different skill sets. The panel would have read your assessment prior to the meeting so they will have some relevant questions for you if they need to clarify anything or need to explore any aspects further. Don’t worry, panel aren’t there to discourage your assessment or capability of becoming foster carers. They simply want to understand your life story and assess your potential suitability. Therefore, it is important to be confident and prepared.

Once you have attended panel, the panel will make a recommendation on your suitability to foster and this will be presented to the agency decision maker who will make the final decision of your ability to foster. As of the next day of being approved, you are ready to be considered for placements!