Life Story Book

A Life Story Book

A Life Story Book

A life story book is something you create as foster carers to document the child’s life during their time with you. It is an important piece of work that we ask all of carers to complete to document the child’s achievements, experiences or any day to day activities that they can look back on.

Everyone has a childhood, a history & a past they can look back on made up of events & memories. However, if we live with our birth family, we can reminisce & look back on photos and hear stories from parents, grandparents and siblings. However, children in care risk losing all of that by moving from placement to placement and therefore it is important for every carer to grab every opportunity to write down or take a photo however minor or grand it might be. With so many changes, we want to ensure children don’t lose their identify and help preserve their memories, therefore we ask our carers to fill in the gaps and give children their very own life story book.

Creating a child’s life story book might sound overwhelming at first. “How can I document their life?”, “How can I capture every moment for them to keep?”

A life story book can be compiled in a scrap book, notebook or a photo album and you can simply start at the beginning with the child’s birthday and age. If appropriate and available you can add in any information about their birth family or any history you already have about them.

This life story book will always be significantly important to a child so any type of photo or memorabilia would be good to put in the book whether or not you think it would be important. Any tickets to cinema’s, theme parks or special days out you have taken them to. From photos of the child getting messy eating ice cream at the beach or taking them on their first plane journey on their first holiday abroad. Even snippets of funny comments the child might have said or anything significant they might have asked or observed are all key things to add to the book. Everything should be written down, kept & cherished.

Just because a child is in care and moving from placement to placement, doesn’t mean that they don’t have the right to their childhood and their own memories. Their childhood needs to be remembered as happy, fun and as being loved by everyone who surrounds them. Their life story book can erase horrific previous memories and replace them with a worthy childhood they deserve.
If you can make a difference to a child and begin their life story book, please contact our recruitment team and we will be happy to speak with you.