My Fostering Story

My Fostering Story

My Fostering Story,

At the age of 8 years old, I was placed into the care system due to at that time not being able to live with my biological mum. I was in foster care for 10 years in total; to begin with, I was placed with one family for 1 year. However, after 1 year of me being at the home, the placement broke down and was no longer suitable for me. I then moved to the placement that I lived in for the next 11 years. Initially, this placement was only going to be temporary, however as I got on so well with my foster carers and felt so comfortable and at home, it became a long-term placement for me.

Sunbeam placed me with foster carers who were very similar to me, where I was instantly made to feel at home with them. Over the past 9 years, I have received so much love and support from my carers. When moving to my long-term placement at the age of 10 I was placed into a new school where I was able to build up a great circle of friends. I began to really enjoy going to school every day and started to take more of an interest in different subjects. I then progressed onto secondary school where I sat my GCSEs. The whole way throughout my journey, my foster parents were very supportive and helped me to keep focused and pass my exams.

From completing my GCSEs, I then went on to take my A-levels at 6th Form. With thanks to my foster carers who had my best interests in mind, they helped push me through my education to ensure I got the best outcome possible. I was then able to have the option to go to University and study further, where I am now studying business management. Now being 19 and having such a great bond and relationship with my foster family I still have my room at home where I return to in between terms.

My foster family have given me amazing memories that will stay with me forever. They have taken me on many different amazing trips. One of my favourite trips was visiting Africa; this was my first time ever going on an aeroplane. I am so grateful to have experienced such an amazing trip. My favourite fostering memory was overlooking the Savanah, with all the wildlife and the remarkable sunset. It was a real magical moment.

My foster carers have provided me with such a safe and loving home and given me all the support and that extra push that I needed at times. I am now studying at university and this is something that I never thought I would be able to do. I am so grateful for them!