Young people

Ofsted seeks the views of young people

Ofsted seeks the views of young people

Ofsted has issued its annual point-in-time questionnaires for Local Authorities children’s social services. Ofsted would like to hear the views of young people who are in care. Inspectors also want to hear from staff, social workers, parents and other professionals to find out what they think about the services that they are being provided with, or they themselves are providing.

It is important that young people’s views are not only heard, but respected and if need be, acted upon. They will be asked how well staff members treat them, whether they feel safe in the home and whether they feel they can talk to staff members about how they are feeling.

Views that are being sought from parents and carers are those such as whether they feel the child is able to take part in leisure activities or hobbies that they may have an interest in, or whether the health and education needs are being met for that child. Ofsted need the responses returned by the 13th August 2017.

All Independent Fostering Agencies are regulated by Ofsted and Sunbeam Pride were deemed to be “Good”. At Sunbeam Pride we understand the importance of regularly seeking the views from the young people in care, the views of the foster carers and of other professionals as part of the team around the child.

If you would like to foster with an agency that listens and cares about the foster carers we support and the young people who are fostered, then why not contact us on 01582 218 228.